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Push Channels allow you to separate your notifications into different categories, and then your app users can choose to opt in or out of push notifications by subject. For example, you may choose to have Push Channels for Urgent Prayer Requests, Weather Cancellations, Youth Parents, Special Events, Daily Scriptures, etc. Then your app users can go to the App Settings and opt in or out of the various channels. So then if you send a notification to the Urgent Prayer Requests channel, then only those users who have opted in will receive it. No matter how many Push Channels you have set up, the default option will always be set to send to All users.


1. Set up your channels by navigating to the Push Channels section of your CMS by selecting it on the left hand sidebar. 


2. Select "Add Push Channel" 

3. Give the Channel a name. 

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for all the channels you want to create.

5. Click Publish.

6. On your dashboard, click Update Live App.

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