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App Preview Tool Overview


First things first, you can download this awesome tool to your iPhone or iPad here.

Now lets talk about what you can do with this tool.  This app will allow you to see exactly what your app will look like before it's published.  It will allow you to get it just the way you want it before we send it in for approval.  There are some key steps to complete before you will be able to see in anything in the preview app.  

You must have three elements of the app in place before you can view anything.  First you must create pages with content, so video, social media and others need to be available.  Next you must have a TabBar (main menu for your app) created. The preview app will not display anything with out it, and it must have some pages or menus attached to it. Also, each item on your TabBar must have an icon assigned to it, or else the preview app will just show you a blank screen. One last thing you need to make sure of is that you have an appearance profile created.  If you opened your account after about May 2012 our system created a default appearance for you.  If you opened it before then you will need to follow the steps in the start up guide.

Now that you have those things completed you can use the preview app to admire you handiwork. To do that you will need to download the app here.


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