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What Is A Menu?

Menus allows you the most flexibility for created sub menus/categories, etc. You can link and group multiple items together using menus. To create a menu in your CMS:

1. Click on the Menus module in the left sidebar, then click Add Menu at the top.

2. You'll see a page where all of the items that have been created in your CMS are listed in a box on the left side. Find the item you want to add to your menu in the left box, and then click it to move it to the right box.

3. Add all the items you want in your menu to the right box, then drag and drop to place them in the order you want them.

4. Click Publish.

5. Place the menu in your app, either on the TabBar or within another menu.

6. On your Dashboard, click Update Live App to make the menu appear in your app or app preview.

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