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How to get my app in the app stores?

We handle almost everything for you. Here are some of the steps we go through to getting your app into the app stores.

  1. Signing up with Bridge Element.
  2. Building your app
  3. Testing your app build and design.
  4. Submitting your app to the app stores. (You need your own iOS Developer Account to be able to submit it to Apple. See here for more information.)
  5. Waiting for review (by far the longest and most challenging part of this process on the IOS platform.  Android is speedy.)
  6. Response from Apple (Approval or Rejection) - by the time this happens your Android app will likely already be in the Google Play Store ready to go.
  7. If approved you can skip to step 8. If rejected, review reasons for rejections and make the necessary changes and revert to step 3.
  8. Launch the app to your users. 


There is lots of helpful information on the internet about what this process entails, what you as a customer can and should expect, as well as lots of opinions on why Apple makes it so challenging.  While we as a company don't agree with every statement or every article on the below listed sites, the info contained in these article is very helpful if you are considering getting a mobile app for your organization.

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