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Where Do I Start With My New Website?

We know how excited you are and that you're going to be tempted to just started going crazy with your new website. But before you give in to that urge take a few minutes and walk through this tutorial. Trust us, it will save you a ton of time in the end.

Before you get started

  • Start gathering your content. It helps to write your site's content into a Word document for easy formation and spell check. You should also start gathering some good graphics and images for your site.

  • Create a rough site map with pages and sub-pages. Think about what your visitors will want and place that information so that it's easy to get to. You can simply sketch out a quick site map that shows all the pages you want to have on your site.

5 Easy Steps for editing your site.

Now that you know the flow of your navigation (pages and sub-pages) and you have the content ready, you can begin editing your site. Our editing system allows you to easily edit all the content on your site. 

#1 Start with the video overview of the CMS

#2 Create all of your website pages

#3 Now you can organize those pages you created to your Navigation

#4 Once you have created your pages, added them to your Navigation you can now start adding content - (you can start adding text, pictures, links, embedding videos, calendars, contact forms and more. Have fun!) 

#5 Launch your website for everyone to see!

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