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What To Use The Page Templates For?

Here are some common uses for the page templates that you have at your disposal.

Freeform page-Write any content, insert images, embed (videos, calendars, livestream), or use as a sermon archive by adding images and linking them to a new sermons page.

Pastor's and Leaders-This template can be used for your staff bio page or use it to create a page with image on the left and text to the right. 

Map's and Directions-use this template to automatically embed a map of your location in your footer or for use on a separate page. 

Sermon Page-Use this template to upload your sermon media. We recommend using multiple sermon pages to house your media otherwise your site will slow down while loading. Acceptable files are:
  • aac
  • avi
  • mp3
  • m3u
  • mp4
  • m4v
  • mov
  • mpeg
  • mpg
  • ogg
  • wav
  • wma
  • wmv
Contact Form-Use this template to automatically embed a contact form in your footer or sidebar. When you edit the contact us form page you can enter in multiple email addresses that you would like the contact information to be sent to when filled out. 

Praise Page-Use this template to add a testimony section or add quotes from visitors or important people.

News Page-This template is the BLOG feature. It has an attached Facebook commenting feature. 

Event's Calendar-Embed a calendar on your site and add upcoming events. If you want the calendar to interact outside of the website, you can use a freeform page and embed a Google calendar. 

Files & Forms-This template is to be used when you want to like a PDF or other form to the website. 

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