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Why can't I find my app when I search for it in the App Store?

First of all, if your app is newly approved, give it a few days for all the search engines to find your keywords. After that, though, it is still common for people to have trouble finding apps in searches. The app stores' search is notoriously bad, both for iTunes and for Google Play. Unfortunately there is nothing ROAR can do about that. The more popular your app, the higher its ranking, which means the easier it is to search for and find.

The only thing that we control is submitting the "keywords" that you submit to us with your "App Vitals." If you want to know what keywords you used, email support@bridgeelement.com and we can send them to you.  

Important Note:  "Keywords" are part of your "App Vitals." So if your app has already been submitted to the App Stores or if it is already live in the App Stores, it costs $99 to resubmit. 

Trick: If you just want to find your app in the store so you can share its link, go to your app dashboard and look for a section called "Current App Status."


If it says Approved and has a green box, you'll also see the word (view) next to it. Click on (view) and it will take you to your app in the app store. The top box is for iOS and the bottom box is for Android.

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