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Things to consider before you set a launch date for your app.

One of the keys to having a successful app is getting the word out and making your launch as cohesive as possible.  When first jumping into the Mobile App world you'll likely be considering WHEN you can tell people about it!  ...or at least you should be.

We get asked often, "When will my app be approved?" and our honest answer is "we don't know"  We do everything we can to get apps built and out the door to the app stores as soon as humanly possible and once we've done that we can only wait until your app is approved or we receive feedback from Apple.  (Android is open source so your app will be in the Google Play Store within 72 hours.)


We generally try to advise people to not set a launch date until the app has been approved.  We do this for a few reasons:

1. There is no science or math to how and when Apple approves apps, thus any timeline we can give is only an estimate.  Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it's slower than we estimate.  

2. It will give you some time to test the app and make any necessary changes before you deploy it to all of your user base.

3. You can be more confident in your launch strategy to generate appropriate buzz. 

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